52 Eighty Distro is a music distribution company that helps independent musicians and record labels get their music into the hands of consumers through various channels, such as streaming services, online music stores, and physical retailers. We handle the logistics of getting the music distributed, such as encoding and uploading the tracks, managing metadata, and collecting royalties.

Our Services

Our Services


At 52 Eighty, we have relationships with all the major streaming services, such as Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music, as well as smaller platforms like Bandcamp and SoundCloud.


We offer marketing and promotion services to help our artists get their music in front of more people. This includes playlist promotion, social media marketing, email marketing campaigns and playlist placements.


We are in the process of creating an easy-to-use platform for artists and labels to upload their music, manage their catalog, and track their earnings. Also, we will ensure that the platform is accessible to consumers in multiple formats and on various devices.


We offer excellent customer support to help our Artists and Labels with any issues or questions they might have. We monitor the performance of our distribution platform regularly and make improvements as needed.


We help our Artist’s manage their rights and royalties. We make sure our clients get paid when their music is played on different platforms and help navigate the complex world of music licensing and copyright.

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